Prinya: Princess "Queen of Power"

Jun 5, 2013

Princess "Queen of Power"

Accurate Attack
Passive EffectsAccuracy of physical attacks by 20% corrections

Wildly Sling Swing
Level1 (+0)1 (+1)1 (+2)1 (+3)1 (+4)1 (+5)...Uniqueness
CP consumption210.0213.0216.0219.0222.0225.0... 
CP charge175.0178.5182.0185.5189.0192.5... 
Physical damage300%306%312%318%324%330%... 
The number of attacks5 
Accuracy corrections-5% 
CommentThis skill now hits 5 times and does almost double the damage, but doesnt have the uniqueness it hadbefore, though it's now the main single target damage skill for power princess.

Goliath Slaughter
Level1 (+0)1 (+1)1 (+2)1 (+3)1 (+4)1 (+5)...Uniqueness
CP consumption320.0324.0328.0332.0336.0340.0... 
CP charge250.0255.0260.0265.0270.0275.0... 
Physical damage550%560%570%580%590%600%... 
Side effectIgnore DEF 50% 
Explosion radius (m)115.0116.3117.6118.9120.2121.5...120% damage at center
atleast 60% 
CommentThe only change to this skill is the 120% damage in the center of the explosion instead of 100%.

Jabber Queen
Level1 (+0)1 (+1)1 (+2)1 (+3)1 (+4)1 (+5)...Uniqueness
CP consumption55.055.556.056.557.057.5... 
CP charge210.0213.0216.0219.0222.0225.0... 8 seconds the amount of the basic charge of CP 1/4 the additional acquisition every second.  
Casting time (seconds)1.501.491.481.471.461.45... 
Strike range (m) 
Probability sleep attacks75%76%77%78%79%80%... 
Duration of sleep attacks4 seconds 
CommentThe change to this skll is not very good but can help at low level, it will not grant you 25% more CP acquistion for 8 seconds and it also have much lower casttime but it is not affected by charisma anymore.

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