Prinya: NyaNya's Lousy Post w^^w

Jun 20, 2013

NyaNya's Lousy Post w^^w

Since Prii seems to be busy, I will make some lousy posts if you dont mind w^^w 

Firstly, just before and after screen shots from 3x PH 

Yup! Lousy post :3 definitely not like Prii aha w^^w

well just a little tip for whoever lvling Champs <3

Champs do not "Need" attack speed. (Ofcos its better to have than not have but :3) 
- Last Bullet and Hit end which are Champs main skills are constant speed
(even you use Possession Snake like I do, the last bullet itself is constant speed with difference of cooling time becoming 0.5sec) 

But for those who use Puma Acceleration (that takes very long time to get the "Green Aura")  seems to need attack speed but...
try press the weapon button like i have on "E" button straight after you use Puma A w^^w might make your life much easier, you never know <3 

Ok! ummmm...yup! thats pretty much it for this time xD 

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