Prinya: That's the Red Stone that we play

May 28, 2013

That's the Red Stone that we play

Unimplemented dungeon in the plain of Baheel.

Unimplemented dungeon in Forest of Bush called "Dungeon of Time".

Unimplemented dungeon in Baheel.

Unimplemented dungeon in Central Platen Boulevard.

The mystery of the Highland Cave.

The easiest way to get to Temple of Kadum Gigas, also known as 'Digged up Ossuary'.

Tameable 'Skull of Worship', maximum level of 220 and have the fastest non-buffed attack speed in the game.

There is now an easier and better way to tame the Skull of Worship with the new Giant Skeleton in Digged up Ossuary B5.

The golem spot in Baheel that no one uses.

Elves have very high target capability, using "Ignore target capability" will greatly decrease their accuracy.

The mystery of the Temple of Triton.
Triton is also a reference to the son of poseidon in greek mythology. Half man, half fish, the maker of waves.
Triton is also a moon to the planet Neptune.

Gambler Jakof is an NPC in Rare Eco Cave that makes it possible to obtain very rare weapons.

Not a single mob in Rare Eco Cave is tameable.

Wizard Bermogan in Rare Eco Cave B1 sells useful items for Guild versus Guild.

Give full healing potions to Carlton in Gardius Desert to get a random guild emblem piece.

Dont stop running in Gardius Desert and you wont get teleported to a random place.

The bridge to Heaven.

The stairway down to Hell.

There is a mysterious island in the East Sea.

Keep spamming the Gypsy in Strasserad to make him sell your very good gemstones.

Opening Chrono's mail or jewelry boxes can give very good rings and parchments to upgrade them.

There is a level 999 vampire under Brunenstig.

There is a very large tameable familiar in Hideout of Highway Robbers B2.


  1. Actually i've tamed in Rare Eco Cave B2 :P

    1. You can use brainwash on them however they will never become your pet :3

  2. I've tamed several monsters in Rare Eco with my guildies. I have proof too :)