Prinya: Prinya Update

May 12, 2013

Prinya Update

Slowly but steady wins the race.

I heard NyaNya actually reads the blog while not playing :3 so I would like to take this part of this post to wave to her! *waves to nya* (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Can't say levels have been flying in. However, like I've said in countless other posts, I'm in no rush to get to max level. I have been pretty much alone now for 2 weeks doing all the sds and gds and grinding alone. I dont complain though, I'm only trying to get NyaNya up to Prii and Inspirit anyways. From there I can grind them all at the same time.

Before I start I just wanna show you this :3
It's actually Gassys weapon, shiny isn't it? Hurts by just looking at it.

Anyways... I decided I would go to Kingdom of Dark Elf and try to get some stone pieces and maybe some exp? I didn't get any stone pieces though but I got something that I totally forgot about.
Killed the Dark Elf King in Kingdom of Dark Elf!
I totally forgot he even existed so I decided to solo him to get the quest done! :3 Free exp yay!

I also did point war with Mal (Mysterio), he decided he wanted to get max points but we didn't even need it guess he just wanted to do point war with me just for fun. Oh Mally!

Gassy soloing the boss ^__^

They almost beat us in score... almost...

I also got 50 redstone pieces, so it was time to run all the way down to the abysmal realm again to get that damn Blue Magic book of Reconstruction to upgrade one of my become smart prefixes on my become become become smart circlet. And once again it was a letdown :(

This is the second time now!

O-well! Failing increases the chances to succeed the next time :D!

Also did siegewar yesterday, and we all know how that went... They just murdered us on the battlefield! We had 0 chance whatsoever -.-

We also got another 2x power hour this weekend! x)

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