Prinya: Princess/Little Witch Guide

May 5, 2013

Princess/Little Witch Guide

Header from Little Witch Academia anime
Game and skill icons by L&K Logic Korea
All text and other images made by Prii
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The Princess/Little Witch class
Is a very versatile class, they can be alot of things. Disruptor, support, buffer and debuffer you name it. With their extreme flexability and utility they can escape almost anything without dying and can be impossible to kill with the use of weapon changer. Using someone as a host for your own defense makes them a good support. They can be extremely good for your party in GvG. The princess can never and should never die. The witch can support and disrupt while doing AoE damage and debuffing.

Single Target Damage:  ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Utility:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Difficulty:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Speciality: AoE Damage, Buffing & Disrupting


The hard part playing Princess or Little Witch is grinding, power is the best way to do any good soloing, use your support skills to your advantage and struggle up to the endgame to gain your full potential, it's a pain in the ass but worth it in my opinion.

Goliath Slayer and Spinning sling is really good for AoE and single target damage for grinding while Throwing Rock regens your CP for the power side of the class.

Throwing Bottle has been nerfed to the ground and is no longer the main magical damage skill in PvP anymore. (Damage has been reduced by 50% in PvP) It can still be used in PvE though but I dont recommend it. With awakening Bottle bounces to other nearby targets which can be good for AoE. Your damage with bottle now also scales with offensive power which can boost the damage of bottle a huge amount. On the old server I managed to get 140,000 damage in one hit with the absolute best in slot items you could possibly get. Maybe this will cheer you up if you're going for a knowledge build.

Weapon changer can be used to shield you from damage while still be able to use your support skills (Potion Presentation, Spreading Candy and Throwing Medicine). It can also be used to be afk for long periods of time making you the ultimate leeching machine.

Potion Presentation is one of the best healing skills in the game, with the enourmous range of 850 with fly catcher they can throw potions on allies that is not even on the screen. Potion Presentation also has a huge splash range making it very good for healing your party. Use this instead of drinking potions. It costs you valueable attack animations but still worth it in the end.

Throwing Medicine allows you to almost never run out of panacea, with the huge AoE splash of this skill you can throw it on your whole party. Use this instead of munching your panaceas away, it costs your valueable attack animations but still worth it in the end.

Prattler can be used to sleep enemies so they can't attack at all, making it very easy for friends to kill everything. Sleeping cannot be cured by panacea and is one of the best offensive conditions. Sleeping is cured only by attacking the target but since Prattler has such a long duration and low animation speed it can be used over and over again making them technically stunned if they dont have the resistance for it.

Flower Shower lowers ALL resistances, not just elemental resistances, this increases the chance to apply debuffs such as Spreading Candy and Ultra Nova or even Necromancer debuffs by a huge amount. Flower Shower is one of the most overpowered skills in PvP, turning off priest Arch can cripple the enemy team by a huge amount. Flower Shower is also a must have in any knowledge Archer comp.

Throwing Flower then using Spreading Candy can make a bunch of monsters just stand there and hit them selves for long periods of time.

Use Disguise as Rabbit or Jumping Skipping to allow yourself to escape. Or running through lots of mobs or escaping combat in PvP. They are the source of your utility and will make you invincible if timed correctly/used in the right ways.

Play Dead can confuse enemies and make them ignore you and it always works on monsters.

Kiss of Princess can be used to turn mobs into frogs, similar to the Witch Doctor Hex ability from Diablo 3. Kiss of Princess is based on your level and the health of the target and can be devastating against an enemy in Siege War. It can make someone useless for long periods of time if you are high enough.

Little Witch
Grinding with witch is just as much of a pain in the ass as Princess. Simply being the ultimate support and debuff machine or doing trash AoE physical damage in the early to the midgame. With the right items a Witch can do some decent AoE damage, but at the point where witch can dish out damage they are in the endgame already and their damage has already fallen to almost nothing if you compare it to mobs hp.

Ultra Nova is bread and butter skill for Little Witch, learn to love and use it properly to become very good at your class. This skill will separate a good witch from a bad witch. Ultra Nova have a huge AoE splash range making it good for grinding if you can regen the CP for using it. CP Bonus will increase the CP it gains, Form Guard will further increase the CP it gains. It also lowers ALL forms of abnormal and elemental resistances, defense, movement speed, attack speed and damage making it useful for party hunting or simply reduce the damage you take. Use Nova in all situations but make sure it doesn't put you in harms way because of the big splash.

Quasar Scattering is the main damage skill for the power side of the witch, doing lots of damage on the ground in an AoE splash while regenerating CP with Comet Shooting or dark pets.

Sing Along and Battle March are your main aura skills and will buff everyone in the party with mediocre buffs (Attack Speed, Damage, Defense, Avoidance, Movement Speed etc). They also removes debuffs at the same time.

Florence Special is one of the best AoE damage abilities in the game, sadly it's not very good because it charms the monsters around you. However, some mobs have charm resistance.

Starlight and Name of Justice is your single target buffs, Name of Justice increases the targets level & stats while starlight increases the allied targets luck by a high amount.

Rabbit Rush is a extremely annoying skill in GvG, making enemies be stuck in the ground for 3 seconds every time you use it. The only counter to it is panacea. In PvE Rabbit Rush is mostly used to regain CP to use Ultra Nova.

Magical Drawing can be used to draw a copy of most creatures in the game depending on their abnormal resistance. Magical Drawing is mostly used to make a copy of demon to gain their Demon Haste ability giving everyone 999%+ attack speed.

Magic Box is used in PvP to lock targets in a box a short period of time, can be devastating with a successful hit.

Grim Scream has a huge range with high skill level and is mostly used to pull mobs closer to you, even though it slows them down and stuns them. It can be used in Point War to pull the Ogres without activating the timer.

Carrier Pidgeon of Love is your personal shop that you can bring down to buy expensive items without going back to town. With high level Pidgeon you can buy a ressurection feather which can be used to revive dead party members.

Rose Garden is your anti monk skill, use it against new and noob players to kill them and have them send a private message to you asking how you did that. Lordo you suck

Surviving with Princess & Little Witch can be quite hard sometimes, it will be hard in the beginning but much easier later on. Try to get alot of alacrity and luck to avoid enemies.

Your health per level should be enough to keep your health & defense points high, you can always spend some points or atleast get a 1/2 or 1/3 health somewhere.
Using Ankh earring with hp prefix should also be enough to keep you alive. Always bring potions and have potion recovery speed if needed.
Candy is very useful to avoid damage, making targets confused so they wont attack you for 30~ seconds.

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build

Power - Is the main source of physical damage. 
Health - Is the passive stat and needed to survive attacks. 
Alacrity - Is needed for accuracy and avoidance. 
Luck - Is needed for accuracy and avoidance. 
Knowledge - Is the main source of magic damage. 
Charisma - Is needed to use certain items.
Wisdom - Is needed to use certain items.

1# Power Build
Power - 1 each level 
Alacrity - 1 each level
Luck - 2 each level

2# Knowledge Build
Knowledge - 2 each level 
Dave and Bboycloudz you suck
Alacrity - 1 each level until 250 then knowledge

Luck - 1 each level

3# Support Build
Health - 4(+1 passive) each level

- All skills are based of skill level 50

Throwing Rock

Throws a rock at target enemy dealing 160% physical damage with 5% accuracy, 25% chance to crit and 2% chance to instantly kill the target.

Goliath Slayer

Throws a giant rock at target enemy and everyone around it, dealing 550% physical damage with 10% accuracy while ignoring 50% of the targets defense.

Throwing Bottle

Throws a bottle at the target enemy dealing 500% elemental damage based of skill level, knowledge and bottle elemental damage.

Potion Presentation

Throws a potion (uses potions in your inventory) at target ally or yourself, healing them for potion heal capacity +100%
- Also based on charisma
- Higher skill level = Less potion use

- 1-15: small health potion
- 16-31: normal health potion
- 32-49: large health potion
- 50+: full health potion

Throwing Medicine

Throws medicine (uses medicine in your inventory) at target ally and everyone around it in a huge aoe, heals all targets for 50 and showering the targets with the effect of the medicine thrown. - Higher skill level = Less medicine use

Flower Shower

Throws flowers (uses flowers in your inventory) at target enemy and everyone around it in a huge aoe, reduces all targets resistances by -17% for 15 seconds.
- Higher skill level = Less flower use

Spreading Candy

Throws candy (uses candy in your inventory) at target enemy and everyone around it in a huge aoe, has a 75% chance to confuse them for 28 secods. 
- Higher skill level = Less candy use

Spinning Sling

Spins your sling, hitting all enemies around you for 67% physical damage 3 times with 10% accuracy.

Play Dead

Drops dead on the ground, playing dead. Making enemy targets ignore you.

Jumping Skipping

Starts jumping, increases your movement speed by 210% for 60 seconds and makes dodge all enemy attacks. 
- Monsters will still attack you but cannot harm you in any way or form
- Cooldown: 190 seconds

Fake Cry

Sit on the ground and cry for 1 second, charges your CP by 75.


Shout to everyone around you for 1.8 seconds, charges your CP by 210 and has a 75% chance to make everyone around you sleep for 4 seconds.

Disguise as Rabbit

Transforms yourself to a rabbit, increases your movement speed by 150% for 105 seconds all monsters ignore you and makes you dodge all enemy attacks. 
- Cooldown: 70 seconds

Weapon Changer

Transforms yourself to target allys weapon, you'll remain in the inventory for 525 seconds and the ally can use you as a weapon. 
- Adds elemental damage based on your wisdom (90% elemental resistance = 22 damage) 
- You can use Potion Presentation, Spreading Candy and Throwing Medicine while using weapon changer

Kiss of Princess

Kisses the target has a 100% chance to turn the target into a harmless frog for 35 seconds.

Star Release

Shoots a star at the target dealing 110% physical damage and decreasing movement speed by 70%.

Comet Shooting

Shoots a comet at the target dealing 230% physical damage with a 10% chance to crit and 5% chance to knockdown the target and adds a bleeding effect dealing 50% damage every 2 second for 6 seconds.

Quasar Scattering

Shoots a quasar at the target location, dealing 350% physical damage in a 1.5*weapon range explosion radius.

Grim Scream

Activation skill, every once in a while the witch screams if there is targets close to you, all targets in a huge aoe around you have their movement speed decreased by 60% for 2,5 seconds and has a 50% chance to be stunned for 1 second.

Moon Walking

Activation aura skill, increases all party members concentration by 15% and land resistance by 25% and allows everyone to fly.

Battle March

Activation aura skill, increases all party members physical damage by 60%, accuracy by 7% and attack speed by 15%.

 Dance Along
Send of a dancing groove to enemies in the vicinity, have a 90% chance to make them dance on spot for 7 seconds.

Sing Along

Activation aura skill, increases all party members defense by 60%, avoidance by 7%, concentration by 55% and movement speed by 25%.

Astral Spirit

Activation skill, detecs traps around you.

Stellar Fear

Single target buff, increases targets concentration by 100% for 450 seconds.


Single target buff, increases targets luck by 165 for 130 seconds.

Name of Justice

Single target buff, increases targets level by 25 for 80 seconds. - All stats is increased by 1 per level

Ultra Nova

A nova rains down on the target area dealing 1 - 501 light damage and debuffs all targets hit. Reducing abnormal resistance by 50%, physical damage and defense by 60%, accuracy and avoidance by 25%, attack speed and movement speed by 35%, elemental resistances by 50% and concentration by 25% for 65 seconds.

Carrier pidgeon of Love

Calls down your pidgeon, giving you access to a store where you can buy different supplies.

Rabbit Rush

Calls for a bunch of rabbits to hold the target in place for 3 seconds and have a 35% chance to make the target go berserk for 20 seconds.

Magical Drawing

Draws a copy of the target, have a 90% chance to make a copy of it that will try to attack everyone in the vicinity for 530 seconds.

Rose Garden

Creates a rose garden around your feet for 295 seconds, everyone who strikes with physical damage you will take 535% of damage taken - back. 
- Only works for single hit, single target melee skills

Fire of Love

Shoots fire from your heart in a line, damage all targets hit by 270-290 fire damage.

Lightning Winder

Generates energy by spinning around, releasing it on enemies in a huge aoe dealing 15-265 light damage 15 times. 
- Max 4 times on 1 target

Florence Special

Generates energy by spinning around, releasing it in waves on enemies in a huge aoe dealing 45-445 light damage 4 times and has a 37% chance to charm the targets and 75% chance to confuse the targets.

Girls Paradise

Generates energy by spinning around, releasing tons of copies of yourself in a huge aoe. Has a 150% chance to confuse targets for 20 seconds and decreases all enemy targets CP by 360 and gives 310 CP to allys.

1# Power Build
1. Spinning Sling 
2. Prattler [1]
3. Throwing Medicine [1]
4. Potion Presentation 
5. Prattler [50]
6. Throwing Rock [50] 
7. Goliath Slayer [50] 
8. Quasar Scattering [50]
9. Ultra Nova 
10. Battle March [50]
11. Sing Along [50]
12. Name of Justice, Starlight [50]

2# Knowledge Build

1. Throwing Bottle [50]

2. Flower Shower [50]
3. Throwing Medicine [1]
4. Potion Presentation [50]
5. Ultra Nova [50]
6. Name of Justice [50]

3# Support Build

1. Potion Presentation 
2. Throwing Medicine [1]
3. Weapon Changer [50]
4. Ultra Nova [50]
5. Sing Along [50]
6. Battle March [50]
7. Name of Justice [50]
8. Flower Shower [50]
9. Spreading Candy [50]
10. Starlight [50]


  1. Only thing missing is item built, really curious about that. 9 out of 10 stars for this guide :3