Prinya: Old Leveling Guide

May 11, 2013

Old Leveling Guide

If you're playing on the Nacriema server, check out this post instead.

The Old Laboratory of the Redeye
West of Brunenstig
- Central Platen Boulevard / Entrance to the Great Forest Area
Good for getting the early levels, very easy kills. Get buffs from Brunenstic Beginner Association and you're good to go. Might need some accuracy to hit the mobs, a guild gives you base stats to grind here.

The Runed Area
Catacombs - Central Platen Boulevard / Near Entrance to Brunenstig

Similar to The Old Laboratory of the Redeye, these mobs have a bit more hp and have archers with high accuracy to aid them. The area to the right on the map is The Runed Area.

The Forest of the Elves
North of Hanov - The Baheel River / The Upper Stream of Eastern Baheel River
Elves have lots of accuracy and will probably kill you if you're not prepared. Go here after you have prepared with some items first, a good amount of accuracy is also needed to hit the elves. Bring potions to not die.
The Forest of the Elves is in the north-western corner of the map.

Rest Place of Hunter
North of Bigapple - Great Forest / Spiderweb of Fairies

A power level spot, you need someone with high damage to kill the Black Elf mob to gain huge amounts of experience. Always worth checking if someone is there to power level.

Guards Grave B1West of Arian - The Gardius Desert / Northern Linkhen
A decent spot, can be used if other spots are too hard. Watch out for the treasure-set boss in the middle of the map.

Forest of Bush "Mini Donut"
North of Augusta - Road of Iron / Mid Point of the Road

Abandoned Mine B8
Mob: Colossus, Ghosts and Chickens
Green: Safe-zone
White: Colossus
Level: 80-150
One of the best powerlevel spots in the game, there are usually a party here and someone who kills, make sure you can tank colossus, ghosts and chickens roaming the area and make sure you lure for the killer and you will get invited to any party here trust me.

Twilight Falls B4
: Imps, Familiars and Goblins
Respawn time: 20 seconds
Level: 120-160
The home of the familiars, they have lots of accuracy and resistance so make sure you can tank them. And be careful, the respawn is reaaally fast so make sure they dont overwhelm you. A champions favorite spot.

Forest of Bush "Donut"
Mob: Elves & Elf archers
Level: 130-180
Very good spot for partylevling, have a demon lure for someone with AoE damage and kill everything at the starting line of the arrow. Wait until they respawn and do it again. Rince & Repeat easy peasy.

Swamps of Narada Plains
Mob: Dark Fire and Murkys
Green: Safe-zone
White: Dark Fire
Level: 150-200
Very good spot with a killer that can kill the Dark Fire quickly enough, have a priest in party to not get colded or simply bring abnormal resistance. Tamers favorite spot to powerlevel their alts.
Parble Mine B1
Location: Abandoned Mine B2
Mob: Spiritualist, Necromancer, Crawler & Creeper
Very fast spawns, extremely good exp, semi-fast kills. By far the best spot to grind at this level. Theres also a very good quest that gives 3.5 levels.

(PREMIUM) Redeye Storage
Mob: Guardian and Golems
Level: 200-300
Reaaally good spot for powerleveling. However, the guardians are tough monsters and need someone very high level to kill them. Golems also grants alot of exp

Swep Tower 11F
: Death Knight
Level: 250-320
Pretty good spot if you have someone who can kill very fast, these mobs have really high hp. You also need a fallen angel for call or a sphere.

(PREMIUM) Redeye Do-or-die corps B1-6
: All kinds of Skeletons, Demons, Natives, Demonologists
Level: 200-340
One of the best spots in the game, Doordie is the spot that grants the most exp based on your level in the entire game. Make sure you milk it as much at possible.
The Cursed Tomb B1
Mob: Lich
Level: 210-285
Slow but easy. Lich grants mediocre exp, requires a priest but you never have to run around to kill anything. Usually there is a party there.

(PREMIUM) Small cave in Def Hills
Level: 340-400
Mobs: Mermans
The second best spot in the game after Do-or-die. This is simply heaven of experience, you need about 1600 luck and 400 alacrity + safe cage for 100% avoidance. Extremely good experience with quick respawn. Milk as much as possible.

(PREMIUMSmall cave in Def Hills B2
Level: 400-450
Mobs: Gargoyles
Same as B1 but much more running, the gargoyles can also hide behind walls which is very annoying, especially for tamers. Great spot for thieves and champions, make sure you kill fast enough to have them spawn when you come back and you will be 450 in no-time.

Swep Tower B11
Level: 410-430
Mobs: Ogres
Medciore spot, I prefere Small Cave but premless people grind here, it's also much easier.

Swep Tower B12
Level: 430-450
Mobs: Ogres
Same as B11, mediocre, however this spot is better experience-wise. Ogres also drops safe cage.

Swep Tower B13
Level: 450-480
Mobs: Ogres
This is where you will be spending alot of time on, the experience here is same as B11 and B12 but much more fun and quicker. About 1 - 2 hours per level without power hour. However you can speed it up with an angel + sphere.

Hidden Camp
Respawn time: 20 seconds
Mobs: Thieves, Ogres or Fams, Natives (with more)
Level: 480-510
Very good spot for both Red Stone Pieces and grinding, the ogres and thieves drops lots of good items and big and open spots for good AoE damage. The Red Stone pieces farming spot is extremely good, try it with a thief I dare you.

Cave of cursed Mizna - Room of Gem
Green: Safe-zone
Mobs: Rats
Level: 500-555
My favorite spot in the game, good exp with extreme respawn time. You will also be spending alot of time here so learn to love this place. Easy to powerlevel your alts or guildies. Rats also drops boots (dem Statue boots *drools*)

The Store 2F
Warning! Bring water resistace.
Mobs: Mages, Demonologists, Mummys and Skeletons
: 550-590
Extremely hard spot, but very rewarding if you can kill here. The light resistance requirement for the mages that will oneshot you if you dont have it. The skeletons in the middle grants lots of experience but have very high hp. The demonologists at the top of the map uses Worm Bite (Darkness resistance).

Big Mouse Dungeon B3
Green: Safe-zone
Mobs: Rats
Level: 595-625
Very good grinding spot, almost same as Room of Gem but slower respawn. Also have a very good secret dungeon at the north west to hunt for keys.

Middle Trum Forest
: Chickens, Disciples and a Demonologist
Level: 600-640
The spot of terror, this is where you will spend lots of time throughout level 600, you will be ksed and trust me you will hate Demonologists after this place. This spot is really good though, exp is good and respawn time is very good, lots of mobs to kill and extremely good drops.

Garkas Devil Army Base
Red Stone pieces farm
Mob level: 600~
Respawn time: 20 seconds
Same as hidden camp, really good spot for Red Stone pieces if you can kill very fast.

Forest of Time 1

Level: 650 - 680
Requirements: Target cap ignore and a shit ton of avoidance. If you get hit, you die.

Forest of Time 3

Level: 680 - 750
Requirements: Target cap ignore, fire & wind resistance, a sh*t ton of physical damage.
The worst place of them all. Here you're gonna be spending the next 3-4 months grinding on the same sht mobs until you gain almost no exp at all. Then it's finally time to head off to Oasis.

Level: 750 - 850


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