Prinya: Jag saknar dig

May 27, 2013

Jag saknar dig

These last weeks have been intense, lots of grinding, secret dungeons, guild dungeons, siege wars, drama, kill stealing. Pretty much everything have happened.

Decided to farm some tant set pieces, but I didn't get any, out of 36 tickets ,__, Took me like an hour to get though, wasted like 1300 relic pieces. Whatever :3 Last time I did it I got a tant ring and a tant necklace which is like 130 million gold and I didn't really spend anything to get the relic pieces.

FINALLY! I got it how I wanted, and this time it's not fake! About 600 million gold spent to make this. Totally worth it.

Grinding some at Swep B13 during the power hour 05/19 getting through lots of the boring levels of 460. I like the inner part of Swep B13 though, I dont like rightclicking my sphere all the time to teleport, it's so annoying.

Doing point war with Mysterio, we didn't really get a very good score though we got to attack 4 anyways. Mysterio playing 3 characters at the same time ofcourse x)

All the stuff that dropped made my computer lags, which is like impossible lol, I don't know how but it did. Also can't see the mobs so I had to turn off "View Dropped Items" :(

Siege War, and yes we all know how it turned out I dont need to go into details... BLOLOLOLOLOLOODBATH.

Entering the Gem Room with Prii, Nya is still too low to be there, so I left and continued to grind at Hidden Camp.

Juicy exp! :3 Thats what M said :D

Ding  500 on Prii :3

Ding 500 on NyaNya :3

Ding level 509 on NyaNya :3

Started the 3x ph at:
Prii from 492 to 537
NyaNya from 474 to 511

Pretty successful ph to be honest :3

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  1. Gratz Prii the more I see this blog the more Jelly I get :D But congratz and glad to see you keep this server alive!