Prinya: Baby Prii

May 3, 2013

Baby Prii

I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago, he is level 700 and asking me for advice on his champion. You can obivously see he just rushed through the levels and have no clue how to play his class. Take it easy while leveling, learn to love your character, build your character with items and always try to become better and know more about your class. A quote of what Banehollow said in his mage guide,

"Dont count on powerlevel too much. You won't learn how to handle your character properly if you always powerlevel yourself. Just because you have cool gear and a good build doesn't make you pro if you can't pilot your character. The best way to exercise is to solo grind your character. Sounds hard but I really recommend it." - Banehollow

I see lots of people do the mistake of making lots of characters to level at the same time, not only does this decrease the exp you gain, you will also have to provide items for all these characters if you want them to stay updated, they also take time you could've spent on your main character.

However, it does provide you with assistance in secret dungeons etc.

I have always had 1 character, Prii. That I played all the time. She is such an old character, I created her around november 2010 and I have played her almost every day until today. Theres actually a way to see how much you play your character. If you go to OGPlanet forums then login to your account and go to achievements. You can see how many hours and levels you have spent and gained on your character.

Heres an image of my achievements. 2424 hours spent on Prii's account only, thats over 101 days of playtime. It's just crazy, and this is just from when the achievements were implemented.
If you scroll up a little you can also see how many consecutive days you logged on Red Stone.

The more time you spend on your character the better you will become at piloting it. It doesn't matter if you are the best player in the world, you will always learn stuff about it every day.


  1. How do I solo a prinny with your build? x_x

    1. Everything about grinding with a princess or witch is said in my newest guide, there nothing more to say, the rest is up to you.

      Link to guide:

    2. But the damage is so low since wisdom isn't even needed until 490 for the T-Set neck -_-.

    3. One of the cons of princess / witch is that they are really hard to play in the beginning. You can skip the wisdom. However, then you need something to put into the necklace slot, and thats up to you.

    4. If you think you'll do same damage as me, you are wrong. Prii is something I've worked on for a long time and have "endgame" and "bis - best in slot" gear.

  2. What about your tamer Bomi?

    1. You mean her:
      :3 ?