Prinya: Witch 'Idol Singer' awakening

Apr 12, 2013

Witch 'Idol Singer' awakening

I dont have much to write about, nothing much going on with Prii or NyaNya ingame at the moment. I will record a video tommorrow and upload it though and I'm not done with the speed post just yet. So I will check out the Witch awakening meanwhile :3

The "Idol Singer" is the support specialization for the witch class which now has the best aura in the game and buffed some of the trash abilities that witch has.

Song of Peace
The new passive is great for supporting, they can now move freely without getting hit by angry monsters which is good.

Sing Together
This will give them a whole new reason to become the support role again, this skill together with their utility and being able to spend all their ability points into health will make them extremely annoying with Rabbit Rush and buffing their allies they will be a main target to kill in PvP (if someone can kill them).
Most people dont really know how good Sing Along really is, it's because they hardly notice it because it gives stats that is not visible enough. If you have level 100 Sing Together though, this skill will give everyone in the party approximately 130% D.P, 15% avoidance, 120% concentration, 54% movement speed, 15% accuracy, 130% damage, 32% attack speed, 360 luck and 54 levels. Thats too a.m.a.z.i.n.g to not get spotted. And dont forget the passive Name of Justice & Starlight added to it.

Pidgeon Post of Harmony
This skill basically has added items to the store, not much have changed. I would love to see what items is in the store though. Hopefully more useful than it is now.

Mystic Box
Buffed the magic box a little, still trash in my opinion. Just another skill countered by resistance, will never be used in PvP if not against a low level guild with no resistance.

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