Prinya: Witch 'Entertainer' awakening

Apr 14, 2013

Witch 'Entertainer' awakening

So today I have a video, it's a GvG vs FRESh which I did with the guild Alliance_of_the_Gods which will be my main guild for now until FAMOUS comes back, the nubs are on a break atm. Also gonna look at the Entertainer witch awakening :3

EDIT: I'm going to change this alot later since lots of the information given in this post is wrong, sorry for that.

The "Entertainer" is the knowledge part of the witch class, they rain down damage on enemies with their HUGE range.

Splendid Transformation
Their new passive is not that good though, the only thing it does is moves the location of your Rose Garden everytime you use a transformation skill, Rose Garden is a pretty trash skil if you ask me. It can do lots of damage yes, but the chance of it doing lots of damage is too small compared to just doing normal damage, so the points spent in Rose Garden is lost points that could've been used for much better skills. But since this is a passive skill, maxing it maybe wouldn't be such a bad idea. Squires or Monks hitting the witch will run away in fear. If the witch don't die in 1 hit ofcourse.

Ultra Supernova
I have been using Ultra Nova alot lately, I think it's such a great skill. It does damage and lowers the stats of the enemies by so much, they wont be doing any damage to you, making it the ultimate grinding skill. The only downside is that it doesn't kill stuff in 1 hit, making it drain your charge points. However, with the Ultra Supernova this skill now hits 3 times. It does 3 times the damage in a single hit, which is super good. This also means that know witches will be using 3 times less charge points using this skill. Ultra Nova has a fixed attack speed so attack speed does not affect this skill, however. Attack speed affects the attack animation.

There are some changes to this skill though, the lower resistance only lasts for a fixed 15 seconds which is a huge nerf from the non-fixed 65 seconds. I think they wanted this skill to be more for grinding than debuffing.

Thunderbolt Winder
The only changes to this skill was the added electric shock, which isn't that great. It adds another 100% damage over 10 seconds though. This skill now also gains a little bit of charge points though.

Florence Special Edition
This skill no longer charms the target, which will make Florence Special the ultimate grinding skill! Finally witches can use this skill to actually kill monsters without charming them for 25 seconds, which basically made this skill unusable.

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