Prinya: Save the Earth event

Apr 22, 2013

Save the Earth event

So we had 'Save the Earth' event today, and it was really good this time o: was quite hard in the beginning, nothing really died. So I brought in the cavalry to save the day. I didn't really dedicate myself to this event though and I'm probably not gonna be there on all 6 events.

Waaaiit for it...

BAM! Jackpot. Miraculous Lucky Ticket! Makes up for the bad luck in Christmas and Serpent event >__<
Also got 2 lux boxes, 1 special box, 250 dragon hearts, refined oils, great dragon horns 1 reskill and 1 restat.



  1. How do you get so lucky, 2 lux boxes, 1 special, and a miraculous ticket...