Prinya: Prinya Update

Apr 26, 2013

Prinya Update

After lots of struggling to gain levels, I finally decided to rebirth all characters.

Even though Jose & Nya wanted to get 700+, that goal is too far away and I dont think we will be getting levels fast enough to get there any time soon. Sd was hard because you can't solo it, need priest and physical damagers and I dont have any of those. Atleast not in molinar 6F range :c

Anyways, last week havent been much other than sitting in town chilling & doing the save the world event.
Also tested my dmged one last time before I rebirthed.

55986 :3

Also tried my future build on Prii with all the re-stats I got. The results were perfect, couldn't get any better.
I'm not gonna reveal it though, it will be a surprise when I can use it :3

During the Save the World event my computer actually lagged while playing Red Stone... thats like, almost impossible. If I had a pic of my computer you would know :3

Also, a little sneakpeak of Nya's investments :3

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