Prinya: Obliteration of Advanced Resurrection Scroll

Apr 7, 2013

Obliteration of Advanced Resurrection Scroll

I seriously don't see a reason to get a high point war score if you're gonna attack like this, theres no skill at all in filling your bag with res scrolls and just swarm all over the place. They don't deserve to be up there. This is what happens when point war is too easy.

Also a tip for all monk guilds out there, the counter to spiritualist is:

*drum roll*
  • Get more monks.


  1. Nice vid, however I think point war is alright, it's the sw system that needs to be changed. It's just too easy to attack and too hard to defend. All doors, flags and emblem need higher durability. Also rev scrolls and dhearts shouldn't be so easy to get, dhearts shouldn't be consumed like candies, they should cost like 10 myst stone pieces not 1 or 2. As about monks, as I'm a monk myself, I can say in next skill updates sidestep shouldn't have cool down, it's the activation rate that should be decreased. Overall nice vid, you should record more of them.

  2. #1 Resurrectin Scrolls & Dragon Hearts should be removed from PvP
    #2 Fix side-step
    #2 Point war should be harder to all guilds, people should start dying already at the second map so guilds doesn't get stuck on 96xxxxx points and only a few hundred can change attacker & defender.

    If these gets fixed we should have a really good and fair SIEGE WAR and not MONK WAR.

  3. Agree with you on number one. hate camping bodies cause you know they got 20+ rev scrolls. least thiefs ankle makes this a little easier, they rev into stun.

    ss, its really not over powered. there's so many ways to kill a monk it ain't funny. ik dave says it should be removed but i've won sw's as monk without ss before. sucks losing to monks ik, but we held off 3 of them 2 weeks ago? So there's ways.

    pw, i hate it really. takes an hr and like u mentioned a perfect run can end up in 2nd, 3rd place by 10k. i wish they'd design something completely different. something that's not the exact same thing week after week. over the months this really takes its toll.

    Agreed with ama. Doors, strats and emb fall way to quickly. with our under populated server sw can still be lost in 4 minutes. i can't imagine a jp server sw with 50 vs 50 ppl. More killing should be necessary, but when your defending no one is ever gonna target you, so toons lev, gears, ect is pretty much meaningless. its not pvp, its break the paper strats and emb before you die Xtime scrolls.