Prinya: *dances*

Apr 3, 2013


Playing without sphere is sooo boring, I can't buy sphere yet. I have to wait until the 10th, it's gonna be long 7 days until then. Meanwhile I've been around prandel plvling and talking to people. My damage has really changed alot since I first created this blog. When I created this blog I posted this screenshot:

40741 damge on Black Elf.

And this is how much it has changed today.

55692 damage on Black Elf.

And my items haven't changed alot since then, it's just some knowledge. I would love to see the damage at lvl 800 with 4th rebirth & 1/2x3 circlet :3

I have a video for you guys :3
It's not made by me btw, I found it searching for rs videos.

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