Prinya: Resistance

Mar 11, 2013


All the time I see people go into PvP with no resistances, it's just a big facepalm. Without resistances in PvP you dont stand a chance against someone with gear. The resistances you need for PvP is fatal blow, dropped system, curse and abnormal. I suggest everyone should have atleast 70%+ of all resistances. The resistance rings easily covers up weaknesses of your character for a really cheap price, get them.

The highest possible resistance you can have on a ring is 95%, abnormal resistance only ranges up to 75% though.

Rebirthed characters should also have their rebirth rings on at all costs. It's an extremely good ring.

There is also 3 different skills that reduce your resistances, this can hurt in PvP.

Other rings that is extremely useful is potion recovery speed (increases the speed that you recover health), transparency (makes you semi-invisible to enemies).

All abnormal resistances can also be found on 2 other unique items, earrings and circlets. If you can get prefixes on these items they will be extremely good.

Also dont forget that other resistances can be found on various different unique items. It's always a very good stat to have.

If you have any further questions about resistances, pm me ingame (: 


Resistance (%) = base resistance value (%) * stat multiplier

Stat Multiplier
  • Abnormal Resistance
    1 + (wisdom + charisma) / 500
  • Dropped system, Curse
    1 + (wisdom + charisma) / 1000


  1. Lets say I have a 50% abnormal res ring. If I have 0 wisdom and 250 charisma. Will my total abnormal res be 75%?

    1. (50 + 0) * (1 + ((0 + 250) ÷ 500))
      (abnormal + all abnormal) * (1 + ((wisdom + charisma) ÷ 500))