Prinya: Puma Acceleration Cancellation!

Mar 12, 2013

Puma Acceleration Cancellation!

So here is 1 tip for Champion Lovers<3

Yesh! Puma Acceleration! 
Powerful Skill that for high lvl Champions with great Attack Speed, 
Puma Acceleration > Hit End!

Ranged Attack, High Dmg, Debuffs(the Debuff is even stronger than Necro) 
Low Accuracy

Well, P.As main point is that it is Stage 2 Skill 
Stage 2 skill by I mean:
Stage 1(Possession Skills), Stage 2(Green Aura Skills), Stage 3(Main skills eg, Last Bullet, Hit End) 

What you want from Stage 2 Skills is to be able to use Stage 3 skill as quick as possible because the Green Aura only lasts for 10sec. 

But P.A takes so long to finishhhhhhhhhh 

So, What To Do? You can actually Cancel P.A Motion and gets Green Aura quickly 
How to do?

2, Straight After P.A, in my case "W", Press the weapon, in my case "E"
3, P.A Canceled and you have Green Aura!! 

This is 1 of reason why Champions do NOT need Ats!!

Mkay Well, Im done for today baiiiiiiiiii <3 

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