Prinya: Prinya Update

Mar 18, 2013

Prinya Update

I havent been blogging for 3 days, sorry. I havent been home this weekend, but I'm gonna make up for it and make a Prinya update (:
A couple of days ago.

Today (now)

So the last weeks have been just normal grind 1 hour every day and 2 secret dungeons, mostly 1,5~ level per day. Which is fine, I'm in no rush to get 4th rebirth.

I've also been doing some high price taming for some high level people recently, using Jade's gear.

So the quality of name of justice is higher than ever :3

With quality comes a price.

Taming unicorns with Kostya.

Also had a fail siege war during the weekend, Famous is on gh3 atm. Shouldn't last long though but still. The Siege war was against PureCure so we were obviously gonna lose. Sadly I dont have any screenshots from it, I'm gonna try to get more ingame screenshots.

I've also been doing lots of events recently. Spending lots of time on the forums and notepad++ making those guides. It takes about 4-5 hours of constant working to put together one of the guides I make. I also did the Red Stone trailer event but I wasn't that satisfied with the result, I hope I win but it's not a sure win like the guide event.

Also been trying to clean my banks for a while, it takes so much time too. Since most of the items is not for transaction it's a real pain in the ass to delete them.

My florence special also started doing a x9 attack at Level 115 which is cool :), together with Rooney's Elemental Guardian, this skill will do over 60000x9 damage. And with ultra nova, can do almost double that, sadly it charms and is not very good for PvP.

Florence Special level 115.

Anyways, I'll do another Prinya Update later this week, I don't have much content at the moment.


  1. good to see new stuff :)

    oh btw, 50+65 is 115, not 125 ;)

  2. I was gonna point that out as well.
    Glad for the update. Gogo tame me some pets plz =)