Prinya: Prinya Update

Mar 30, 2013

Prinya Update

The server has been down for some reason, I dont really mind, most people seem to forget that every time the server goes down during big power hours we usually get compensated more than enough to get back what we "lost". But I figured I'd do a Prinya Update C:

So NyaNya is still not back from her trip, she has exams and stuff that shes doing and shes not home in great britain. I'm still in charge of her character and I moved it to FAMOUS to get the guild dungeons done for the power hours. It actually gives 1 level each day, it's alot. Atleast alot for being 640 already, no secret dungeon so guild dungeon have to do instead.

So when I was about to grind with Jose and a new grinding partner Kushina aka Minato I got my berry, which had a prefix on it, which I had no idea they could have, this berry is actually much better than the normal one.

It gives 140% exp for 70 minutes instead of the normal 110% exp for 60 minutes, which is totally awesome!

I have also started grinding on a new spot, Molinar Tower 6F which is actually a really hard spot, you really need a priest there. Mobs do fire damage & worm bite which can do lots of damage if you dont have the resistance for it, Prii can grind alone there but it's alot of waste, I have to bring lots of full healing potions to keep myself alive. 

The exp is extremely good, even without power hours we get like 100-250k exp each mob. Kushina's red stone detective level 6 helps alot though. Some of the mobs die slowly if I'm alone, but it's really fun to grind there.

Me and Jose grinded about 6-7 levels yesterday which is alot, Prii is already 641, Inspirit is 642 and NyaNya is 635, unfortunately she doesn't have sphere. I can't really buy one for her at the moment.

Last week we attacked FRESh, but they didn't show up. People should be ashamed for not showing up for siege war, FAMOUS ALWAYS! Show up for siege war, we don't care if it's 8 PureCure guilds standing at the gate, we defend until the last man died or we lost the guild hall.

Today we're getting back our home (Level 5 guild hall). I'll make another update when we got it, and might record the attack this time.

- Prii

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  1. haha
    Famous also play out of game xD
    Nobody want to fight 800+ lvl chars Lol
    Gz 640+ :]