Prinya: Prii's Introduction

Mar 8, 2013

Prii's Introduction

Mmkay in the last post I said I'm gonna do some sort of introduction of myself, so here it is.

My name is Bomina but most call me Bomi, I'm 18 years old, female and live with my mother in Sweden. I played/play games like Skyrim, Guild Wars 2 & Tomb Raider. In Red Stone I play my princess/little witch called "Prii". I can easily say I'm the best princess/little witch in OGP Red Stone, not talking about levels or items, but I know more than anyone else about my class. Prii is like my own pocket, I know everything she can do and I know all kinds of builds she can use. I know all the best items for the class and I know exactly what all skills can do. And I also have extremely high general knowledge about the game after all the research i've done over the past 3 years of playing Red Stone.

As you can see I'm a knowledge princess/little witch, I have all titles at max level and all mini-pets to get Ancient Goddess Remains bonus. 

My attack speed is 4 frame (3 attacks per second), and I can also do over 40000 damage to black elf.
My damage in GvG is around 800-900 depending on the fire resistance of the target. And I'm mostly impossible to kill because of the weapon changer skill.

I also collect DXU's, here is my little collection I have atm,
About a third of them is on other characters though.

I also play a whole lot of other characters, tamer, priest, champion/spiritualist and necro/demon.

I'm also very active on the forum, I make the main guides for each class for OGPlanet, I have made 6 guides so far, Archer/LancerTamerMagicianPower Princess/Little WitchKnowledge Princess/Little Witch and the first one I made, Champion. For doing this I get compensated with a 15 days Gate Globe for each guide I make. I also get a permanent epic carpet mount,

I also have an item list that I update sometimes, MsCarrot's Itemlist

That's all for this time, I'm gonna make NyaNya post an introduction too (: Bai! 

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