Prinya: Prinya Update

Mar 23, 2013

Prinya Update

NyaNya havent been home this week, so me and Jose (Inspirit) have been alone. Can't say we have done much but I've been handling some drama on the forums & ingame and went to a new grinding spot (Which I'll be talking about in a future post)

So the drama is about these guys "Jaime & Miguel" or "Angel_Power & Daddy_Yankee", a year or two ago they scammed this newbie GM that we had "GM Peace". Telling her/him that they "lost" "their" items,

These items are impossible to get.
Daddy_Yankee with "his" items in his stall.

They did this by some trick with bank & deleting their character, no clue how but GM Peace fell for it and "restored" "their" items. (Don't try this at home).

So after I saw the stall with these items I got mad and opened a ticket about what he said to me on facebook. But since any social media text can not be used as evidence I'm sure they found something else. And their characters are all banned forever. 

Now he made a thread on forums complaining that I have to much power and I show my female bodyparts to the gamemasters to make them do what I want (roflmao). 

I dont have more power than anyone else, I just play by the rules and do my own thing. I open tickets like everyone else and I respect other people, I also make guides to help the forum community and new players and by doing that I get rewarded by a cosmetic item, my wildcat carpet mount which doesn't give me any power at all except from looking awesome and get more attention around Brunenstig.

I think people are just jealous.

Back to Red Stone!

What have I been doing the past week?
Well, I havent been playing much Red Stone, I've been playing other games that I used to play before (Conquer Online, Age of Empires - The Conquerors, World of Warcraft) etc. But I have been online on Red Stone and actually did secret dungeon every day and I also did another 6 tames to get some extra money.

I also turned in my 7th Red Stone! 

25 more stat points for Prii! 

I got stat reward 5 times, the 16 vice and virtue rate reward once and I also upgraded my circlet once with Red Devil.

Heres a list of heaven rewards.

Blessed Treasure Chest
reward: one random unique item
penalty: -100 vice & virtue rate

Fruit Of Stat
reward: passively +5 stat points (max 50), +10 vice & virtue rate

Fruit of Skill
reward: passively +100 skill points (max 1000) +10 vice & virtue rate

Blessing of Life
reward: passively +10% health points (max 100%) +10 vice & virtue rate

Spirit of Heaven
reward: passively +10% charge points (max 100%) +10 vice & virtue rate

God's Test
reward: +25% exp of your current level, +10 vice & virtue rate

King's Degree
reward: +1 to any title, +10 vice & virtue rate

Holy Test
reward: +25% exp of current guild level (for guild), +10 vice & virtue rate

Hall of Heaven
reward: +1 guild skill level (max 40), +10 vice & virtue rate

Piece of Holy Creature
reward: random statue, +10 vice & virtue rate (unimplented?)

Road to Light
reward: +6 vice & virtue rate, +10 vice & virtue rate

Anyways, I have a GvG. I have to go :3 I'll post more later this week! Bai!

- Prii


  1. Just to let you know Miguel=ChuckNorris

    1. Whatever, they share accounts anyways

  2. ya, the guild statue reward part isn't implemented yet, i tried it. Woulda been nice, I could make 6 parts a week.