Prinya: Nya's Introduction

Mar 8, 2013

Nya's Introduction

Firstly, Who Am I?
I'm the owner of NyaNya, the champion w^^w
Private Information: All secret<3 I like to keep my privacy :3
In Priis Introduction she has showed her stats and explained herself very clearly but
I personally dont like showing stats unless I get asked so- yea :3 (don't call me lazy plz :p)

So, What do I do?
I will be in charge of ummmmm well Ill be posting like advice on Champion Build, as well as GvG Spiritualist
as many people are not sure how it is the best to be done :3 (or rather say how it is good to be done since I don't believe there is "best" in RedStone)

Ummm what else are there to write about...:3
oh! if there r any question on GvG spirits or Champion then do just comment then I will try to explain fully w^^w

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