Prinya: Fallen Angel 'Spirit Guide' awakening

Mar 13, 2013

Fallen Angel 'Spirit Guide' awakening

So I thought I'd show some really awesome new stuff that comes with the new awakening update that we hopefully are gonna get later. I'll show the skills with very good translations and comment on them.

Today I have chosen Spirit Guide, the Spirit Guide is the support class for the fallen angel and is all about teleporting in GvG.

Heavenly Step
The first skill Heavenly Step is a really good skill as movement speed is slowed by 150% in GvG, getting the movement speed up again is tough since only boots can have the movement speed prefix. This will help the Spirit Guide to walk around move freely.

Holy Spirition
The second skill Holy Spirition is what makes Spirit Guide really deadly in GvG, making the invulnerable and giving them a huge movement speed buff, together with Heavenly Step and 20-30% movement speed boots they will become extremely hard to deal with in GvG if not impossible to deal with. Also by using the skill again you will teleport back to the place where you first used the skill.

Transportation is Spirit Guide's new Evacuation, this skill will make it much easier to move between villages.

Last but not least, the skill that will change the way GvG is today. Saintway, by creating 2 portals on the map and at the same time that party members can move through and at the same time being invulnerable and just teleporting the party all over the place will make the Spirit Guide the exellent support and a must have in any main-party.

Tommorrow I'll cover one of the other (knowledge, power) versions of the angel.

- Prii


  1. Capes can get movement speed

  2. Necks can get movement speed too.

  3. Actually. Helmets, Crowns, Belts, Pin & Tattoos, Job Armors, Necklaces, Earrings, Capes, Jewelrys, Canes, Flutes, Shoes can all have movement speed prefixes but I was talking about the high 30% one, not the 5-10% one.