Prinya: Fallen Angel 'Holy Missionary' awakening

Mar 14, 2013

Fallen Angel 'Holy Missionary' awakening

The holy missionary is the power damage class for fallen angel and is used to increase the damage enemies takes and converting pets to become their ally.

Grasp Weak Point
This skill will change PvP for power angels, this skill will basically murder everything if they let the angel attack them. Power angels will be super strong single target killer.

Gospel Kerygma
A new class with pets, would love to try it out.

Plume Niddle
A good way to apply your passive to a bunch of enemies at the same time or simply just use it for grinding, the accuracy and avoidance reduce seems to be good to kill off high avoidance or accuracy targets.

 Repent Pressing
A really good skill to kill single targets, dealing huge damage with high attack speed and degrading their level since it hits so much and so fast they will need lots of curse resistance to counter this.

Tommorrow I'll cover fire mage :3

- Prii

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