Prinya: Daily Quest #4, Assembly of Comrades

Mar 10, 2013

Daily Quest #4, Assembly of Comrades

Assembly of Comrades

Talk to Derod to start the fourht quest.

Derod (Brune Guild Association, Brunenstig) 8,14

First: Leave any party you're in then talk to Derod.

#1 How can I help you?
#4 I'm curious about the assembly of comrades.
#1 Alright.

Note: you have 10 minutes to complete this quest.

After you accepted the quest, find or get 2 other players / characters to the Brune Guild Association.

Invite them to a party.

Finish the quest by talking to Derod again.

#1 I am here.

Item obtained: Black Flame Exchange Ticket

Quest finished.

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